Flying Ointment


Handcrafted collage art on a ceramic 8 x 4 inch tile with several layers of modge podge and a final coat of epoxy resin. All images are hand cut by the artist. The back of the tile contains a sawtooth hanger and 4 circle felt pads to protect your wall and furniture. 

According to lore, there are flying ointment recipes dating back to the Dark Ages which some witches still use today. Most of the old flying ointment recipes included an animal fat used as the base of the salve and infused with one or more toxic herbs. The witches “flew” on broomsticks when they were technically “high” on flying ointment.  Ingredients often found in flying ointment recipes were Mandrake, Henbane, Wolfsbane, Belladonna, Hemlock and Hellebore.  All of the aforementioned poisonous herbs are depicted in this collage art piece.