Datura (Datura Stramonium)


Handcrafted collage art on a ceramic 6 x 6 inch tile with several layers of modge podge and a final coat of epoxy resin. The back of the tile contains a sawtooth hanger and 4 circle felt pads to protect your wall and furniture. 

Like vampires. the sacred Datura (Datura Stramonium) blooms at night from spring well into fall. The flowers open in the early evening and they shrivel with the coming of daylight. All species of Datura (Datura Stramonium) are very poisonous. The seeds and flowers are the most toxic parts of the plant. However, they have been used for centuries as medicine and are, unfortunately, occasionally purposely ingested to experience their hallucinogenic effects. Symptoms of datura poisoning include delirium, elevated body temperature, increased heart rate, abnormal behavior, dilated pupils, painful sensitivity to light. 

According to lore, Datura (Datura Stramonium) is said to allow one to see spirits and to induce psychic dreams. This plant has been used by shaman and medicine men for thousands of years from one end of the world to the other.  It is also used in xex breaking. sleep and protection spells.